How Might We Better Support Farmers in their Transition to Regenerative Agriculture?
New Food OrderMarch 14, 2023x
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How Might We Better Support Farmers in their Transition to Regenerative Agriculture?

There’s enormous potential for agriculture to help reverse climate change through its potential to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. But are we asking farmers too much? Already laden with debt and the pressure to produce more with less, how might we support already cash-strapped and stressed farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture? Should it be their responsibility alone?

In this episode, we continue our exploration of regenerative agriculture, its potential, and its challenges with Benedikt Bösel, Germany’s first regen ag Farmer of the Year and owner of Gut&Bösel; Jennifer O’Connor, Executive Director of Funders for Regenerative Agriculture; Felipe Villela, founder of reNature; and Kelsey Scott, Director of Programs at the Intertribal Agriculture Council and owner of DX Beef.

We discuss:

  • What needs to change to support farmers throughout the transition to farming regeneratively
  • Who should bear responsibility for driving this transition? Farmers, corporates, governments?
  • What regenerative producers actually need from corporates, governments, and investors
  • The language of regeneration and how to have productive conversations with producers
  • What collaboration models and other resources exist or should exist to help them
  • Funding sources for farmers, where they can access it, and the challenges involved
  • The mindset shift needed among corporations and policymakers to help producers manage their lands regeneratively and profitably
  • Indigenous producers and the generational damage that is being done on existing farms

Show Notes:

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