Finding New Ways to Finance Planet and People Friendly Food & Ag
New Food OrderJanuary 17, 2023x
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Finding New Ways to Finance Planet and People Friendly Food & Ag

How do we re-design financial instruments to have maximum positive impact for people and our planet?

Whether it’s a large multi-national and publicly listed corporation, startup or small business, or a family farmer, every business needs financing at one point or another. But the range of financing tools on the market today were not designed with the complexities of food and agriculture or social and environmental impact in mind. 

In this episode, we speak with some food and ag investing trailblazers who are trying to create financing structures that better suit industry players, that also enable them to de-risk their loans and investments and increase the impact of their capital. 

With our guests in this first “deep-dive” episode on New Food Order, we explore: 

  • The challenges with current debt financing, venture capital, and public market models for food and agriculture
  • Using data and metrics to de-risk investments and ensure they have maximum positive impact for people and our planet
  • The returns investors can expect from ecologically friendly ventures
  • The challenges farmers face with the current banking system and how to fund their transition to regenerative agriculture
  • Making existing investment models more people and planet friendly
  • New models for investing in food and agriculture
  • Balancing growth with social and ecological impact
  • The rise of ESG investing and the manipulation of its standards
  • How VC and Family funds can better identify forward-thinking businesses to invest in
  • How one group is creating a whole new asset class focused on the natural world that could potentially revolutionize the financial sector

Our guests include: Mad Capital co-founder Phil Taylor, rePlant Capital MD Robyn O’Brien, New Epoch Capital managing director and chairman of Foodshot Victor Friedberg, co-founder of Supply Change Capital Shayna Harris, Acre Ventures partner Sam Kass, and Intrinsic Exchange Group CEO Douglas Eger.

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