De-Commodifying Carbon and our Industrial Food Systems, with Tom Goldtooth
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De-Commodifying Carbon and our Industrial Food Systems, with Tom Goldtooth

Carbon markets are emerging as a leading tool for tackling our climate crisis, but are they actually getting to the root of the crisis? 

In this episode, we speak with Tom Goldtooth (Dine’ and Dakota), executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, an organization of Indigenous Peoples building economically sustainable, environmentally just, healthy communities.

Tom is particularly knowledgeable about the growing use of regenerative agriculture to capture carbon in our soils to sell as carbon credits, but has concerns about how it is progressing as a new form of colonization and corporate ownership of lands, and through that, our food supply. So in this conversation, we speak with him about how businesses and communities might approach the climate and social crises.

We discuss:

  • Tom’s take on carbon markets
  • The commodification of nature and how corporations can decolonize themselves
  • Water rights
  • Cultivating an indigenous mindset both at an individual level and from a business perspective
  • The role of technology in food sovereignty
  • What an ‘Indigenous Just Transition’ should look like

Tom has been recognized for his achievements throughout the past 40 years as a change maker within the environmental, economic, energy and climate justice movement and is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2015 Gandhi Award and in 2016 was presented Sierra Club’s highest recognition, the John Muir award.

He co-produced an award-winning documentary film in 1999, Drumbeat for Mother Earth, addressing the effects of the bio-accumulation and biomagnification of toxic chemicals in the natural food web and bodies of Indigenous Peoples.

Links & Resources:

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Drumbeat for Mother Earth (film): 

Just Transition:

Vandana Shiva:

Global Alliance on Rights of Nature:

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